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Family Law


Not every attorney is right for every client in resolving deeply personal family matters that often have long term consequences. It is imperative to meet the attorney personally and make sure he has the maturity, experience, dedication, and compassion to meet your needs. At my office I personally take a holistic view of your problem and of your situation and don't use the same solution for everyone's problem. Some divorces require skillful negotiation and gentle guidance while others require a strong advocate who will guide you through the complexities of court litigation without filing excessive unnecessary motions and conducting lengthy and expensive discovery that often does little except create a larger bill and more animosity between parties. At my law office, I am result-driven, whether helping you with a Ventura divorce, annulment, legal separation, division of property and debts, child custody and visitation, paternity, child and spousal support, modification or enforcement of orders, restraining orders, guardianships, or any family related issues. An extensive background, and experience in collaborative law, mediation, and litigation allows me to advise you confidently which will be right for you.

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