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Ventura Child and Spousal Support

Child support and spousal support are two of the most often discussed and misunderstood topics in a divorce, legal separation or paternity case.  In the "resource section" of this site you will see a support calculator.  This tool will enable you to get a "ballpark" idea of appropriate support.  However, do not be fooled by simple charts or explanations.  There are numerous and often complicated factors which determine how to compute appropriate support.  What is considered income?  When to and how much to "impute" income.  What is the percentage of custody for a non-custodial parent?  Should a "hardship" deduction be applied?  Is filing status correct and have all tax computation variables that affect a determination of "net income" for tax purposes been considered?  If spousal support is appropriate, have all the California Family Code section 4320 factors been considered, such as length of marriage, ability of supporting party, need of supported party, marital standard of living, duration of the marriage, obligations and assets including separate property of each party, the age and health of the parties, etc.  No one can be certain that things won't change in the future for either party's financial future.  For this reason modifications of orders and judgments are often appropriate and necessary.  I have experience and am familiar with how to compute the appropriate amount of support.  Ask for a free consultation.

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