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How long does a divorce take?

Each case is different depending on the complexity of the issues and the amount the parties want to contest potential issues. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney skilled at getting to "the bottom line" as soon as possible. In any event, there is a six month waiting period in California from service of process before you can be restored to the status of a single person.

Can I represent myself?

Absolutely. But remember the old adage "he who has himself as his own attorney, has a fool for a client." It is difficult to be objective about your own case. Do you have the experience to address often complicated legal issues to assure a positive result?

What issues will be decided in a divorce?

Restoration of status to that of a single person; child custody/visitation/parenting orders; child and spousal support; division of property and debts, etc.

Can orders and judgments be changed?

Yes. Child custody, support, and other issues the court reserves jurisdiction over and your dissolution of marriage action can be subsequently modified if conditions have changed.

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